Friday, June 7, 2019

Week 7 & 8

These two weeks we have been working really hard to prepare for our Celebration of Learning.

The children have been busy making costumes and practicing their lines.  Look at how cute they are!

The children have also been very creative as well, making their own houses out of construction paper, making up their own stories and making up their own games.

I love hearing their stories that they make up, girl stories are so different than boy stories.  They're always so loving while the boy stories have someone getting eaten. haha

The children have really taken on using the ipads to learn how to draw step by step.

Their drawings are amazing!

We also took our graduation pictures

We practiced graduating! 

The children are so excited for graduation!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Week 6!

This week in math we learnt about halving.  It is the beginning of division.  The children learnt that some numbers can be split into two equal groups and some cannot.  We also tried to split them equally amongst three groups.  

He knew that in order to be split into two groups, one of them needed to be taken away.

She wanted one of them to disappear so they could split equally.

He could see that they were not equal.

8 can be shared into 2equal groups!

The children showed me that in order for the number 5 to be split into 3 equal parts, they needed one more rock. 

The children were so happy to get it right!

We also looked at cutting food in half and putting it on a plate.  It was tricky as some foods could not be cut in half. 

During inquiry, the children have been busy making sand castles in the sandbox.  We looked at moats while the other kindergarten class looked at rivers and lakes.  During the lunch hour, they built a castle with a river that ran beside it.  They needed to work together to carry the big bucket or water and work to dig into the sand to create the moat or river.

Some children also built castles out of straws and created a habitat for their play animals. 

During literacy, we read a book called: the fishes revenge.  It was about a wise cod whose fish friends kept disappearing so he needed to think of a plan to stop the humans from taking their fish friends away.  

We re-enacted the story with our character hats 

Some pretended to be the branches that the eels used to tie the fish line around so it would get caught and deter the humans from wanting to fish.

We made fishing rods and made different kinds of bait to entice the different sea animals.
We made some ocean paintings on tin foil.  They turned out amazing!

We also looked at non fiction books to find information on different sea animals then write a little book about it.

I can't believe it's nearly June.  We have been looking at preparations for graduation.  I hope you will enjoy what we have prepared!! Will need your help to learn some lines! 

Have a great week!!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week 5!

It has been such a busy week!  We have had parents morning and International Culture Festival.

Thank you for everybody who came to support our school events!  It was a great success!

Our parents were able to see 2 of our lessons.  Math and Literacy.

In Literacy we read the story,

The children sequenced the pictures of how to plant a seed and wrote words or explanations of the steps.

Using the flower petals they created their own pictures

We opened up a flower shop so that the children could write on the order form which flowers they wanted, wrap up the flowers and then wrote a note to the person it's for.


The children also made a picture and labeled the parts of their flower: flower, petals, roots, and stem.

In Math, we learnt about doubling.  We read the story about a doubling witch who made a spell and doubled too many frogs!

The children had to find the correct doubling card.

They created a doubling picture using paint!

The children rolled a dice to double a number and then put the correct number of bows or pom poms in the box.

We created a doubling book where we wrote our answer in numerical words, using numbers and pictures.


 During Inquiry, we are learning a new topic.   We have a new unit called: Sharing Our Planet.  Our central idea is:  Sharing our environment with is good for us but also very difficult.  Our first line of inquiry is learning about how living things interact with one another.  We first had to learn what a living and non living thing was. 

We looked at the fake bugs and fake food in our classroom to classify how they weren't a living thing.  They didn't move on it's own, they didn't breathe and there was no change that occurred between them as time passed. 

I then brought in a fish, oh the children were so excited!  They looked at the fish and how we had other rocks to make the fish tank look nice.  The children spoke about how the fish couldn't be put in the playground that was made on the table.  The fish needed to live in the water or else it would die.

We started to make our own fishes and fish tanks.

One of the children asked if fish could fly.  So we looked it up to see if fish could fly.  

We saw that there were bubbles in the fish tank when we looked at the bigger tank.  I asked the children why there were bubbles and when we blew our own bubbles, we came to the conclusion that we need air in order to blow the bubbles, so that's why there were bubbles in the tank, to give the fish air!

During afternoon play, the children created their own puppets and wrote a story about it.

They used their puppets and built a scenery to get some good ideas of what to write in their story.

This is the picture that I took from the festival.  I can't wait to see what the one looks like from the photographer.

Have a great week!

Week 7 & 8

These two weeks we have been working really hard to prepare for our Celebration of Learning. The children have been busy making costumes a...