Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week 5!

It has been such a busy week!  We have had parents morning and International Culture Festival.

Thank you for everybody who came to support our school events!  It was a great success!

Our parents were able to see 2 of our lessons.  Math and Literacy.

In Literacy we read the story,

The children sequenced the pictures of how to plant a seed and wrote words or explanations of the steps.

Using the flower petals they created their own pictures

We opened up a flower shop so that the children could write on the order form which flowers they wanted, wrap up the flowers and then wrote a note to the person it's for.


The children also made a picture and labeled the parts of their flower: flower, petals, roots, and stem.

In Math, we learnt about doubling.  We read the story about a doubling witch who made a spell and doubled too many frogs!

The children had to find the correct doubling card.

They created a doubling picture using paint!

The children rolled a dice to double a number and then put the correct number of bows or pom poms in the box.

We created a doubling book where we wrote our answer in numerical words, using numbers and pictures.


 During Inquiry, we are learning a new topic.   We have a new unit called: Sharing Our Planet.  Our central idea is:  Sharing our environment with is good for us but also very difficult.  Our first line of inquiry is learning about how living things interact with one another.  We first had to learn what a living and non living thing was. 

We looked at the fake bugs and fake food in our classroom to classify how they weren't a living thing.  They didn't move on it's own, they didn't breathe and there was no change that occurred between them as time passed. 

I then brought in a fish, oh the children were so excited!  They looked at the fish and how we had other rocks to make the fish tank look nice.  The children spoke about how the fish couldn't be put in the playground that was made on the table.  The fish needed to live in the water or else it would die.

We started to make our own fishes and fish tanks.

One of the children asked if fish could fly.  So we looked it up to see if fish could fly.  

We saw that there were bubbles in the fish tank when we looked at the bigger tank.  I asked the children why there were bubbles and when we blew our own bubbles, we came to the conclusion that we need air in order to blow the bubbles, so that's why there were bubbles in the tank, to give the fish air!

During afternoon play, the children created their own puppets and wrote a story about it.

They used their puppets and built a scenery to get some good ideas of what to write in their story.

This is the picture that I took from the festival.  I can't wait to see what the one looks like from the photographer.

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

week 4!

This week in Literacy, we read the story, Tops and Bottoms.

The children had a great time looking at the vegetables and talking about the similarities and differences between them.  I didn't have the children taste the fruits and vegetables as I find sometimes when eating is involved, that's all the children do and they forget to do the task of really looking and experimenting with all our other senses of sight, smell and touch.  

The children spoke about which vegetables had seeds in them, how different each seed looked.  What were the names of the vegetables.  They categorized which were fruits and vegetables.  We spoke about why avocados and apples turn brown.  If that meant that it is rotten.  The children learnt to understand that the air changes the colour of avocados and apples.  

The children reenacted the story of the rabbits and bear with the vegetables dirt.  It was absolutely hilarious to hear them.  They remembered a lot about the story which was good to hear them use the vocabulary.

We also worked on our writing of whether the rabbits taught bear a good lesson or if they were being sneaky.  In the story, the rabbits needed to plant crops to sell in order to feed their family.  While the rabbits worked, the bear slept and before planing, the rabbits would ask the bear if he wanted the tops or bottoms.  Each time the bear chose either the top of bottom, he would always end up with the weeds while the rabbits get the produce such as: carrots, broccoli, or corn.  This story was definitely a difficult one for children to grasp of what sneaky meant, and why the rabbits would have lied.  It also gave me an idea of who was able to understand a story, come up with their own explanation and explain it in writing.  I really pushed for sentences with conjunction words - "and, because".  There is a big variation of writing abilities in my class, but they are quite proud of themselves when they write the final word of their sentence.

We read some nonfiction books about Spring and made some flowers out of pipe cleaners.

In Inquiry,  we've been looking at technology and how they help us and why they can be harmful as well.  Here the children are playing with a makey makey.

It's a really cool device that allows children to find different types of materials that gives off energy.  It is linked to the computer is minicks a remote controller.  A wire is connected to the makey makey and then an object of the child's choosing.  We tried a bowl of water, playdoh, carrots, beans, and a drawing using a pencil.  We played the bongos on it, the piano and even tried super mario!

They had such an amazing time!  We continue to look at how technology can be helpful but can also be harmful.  We looked at videos on youtube - such as playdoh reveals.  We spoke about looking at the hands of the person who is making the video, whether they are the hands of children or of adults and who they are selling the item to.  We spoke about what the videos are trying to do: such as selling a product to children and enticing them to want it so much that they ask their parents to buy it.  

We watched a clip from the show: The secret life of a four year old: the secret life of a four year old - technology clip

We also looked at what happens when we play on the ipad for too long.  How it hurts our body physically.  The children spoke about how it hurts their eyes when they play for too long.  We compared it to how we feel when we go outside to play compared to playing on an ipad.  Most children generally enjoy going outside to play.  

This video shocked them.  They really couldn't believe that the children didn't even notice that the children didn't see the adult putting down the sweets and I compared it to when we are tidying up and sometimes the children are so engrossed in their game and they don't hear me.  

In Math, we looked at numbers to 20: 
- understanding how to count on from a different number with dices, 
- writing numbers that are before and after by picking a flower with a number on it, 
- understanding the difference between more and less with a game of war and 
- working on counting one to one with opening presents with bows in them.

Sorry no pictures, please check seesaw! too involved with playing with the children!

I hope all you mothers out there had a fantastic mother's day!  You all deserve recognition everyday and hope you enjoyed the questionnaire!

Happy Mother's Day! 💖

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Week 3!

Gosh! I can't believe that it's already week 3!

Thank you for your patience with the merge of the new school and your patience with dealing with everything.  It's difficult for me at times to keep up with everything, with going to physio therapy 2x a week at the hospital and having 13 new friends where I'm questioning, ok, I've told the new friends, this information, but oh no, my old friends also need to know this information.  So Thank you for your patience.  I do apologies I've been quite slow with the emails.  Sometimes my emails get flooded with these all staff emails! haha

This week in Math, I continued to assess them on addition, subtraction, 2d shapes, counting forwards/backwards, ordering and seeing if they could find the missing numbers.  Next week, we will begin to have formal lessons.  They may not like school as much. haha

The children got very creative with these addition monsters.  I can see if they are using their fingers to count how many there are all together, if they write their numbers backwards or flipped and can understand how to read a number in a ten frame which is the beginning of recognizing number shapes without counting them.  Numicons are really great for that.

A circle can also be a sun, or an orange!

Look! It's a square, but it's also a robot, or a cushion or a ziplock bag!

Children needed to go around the room to find a 2d shape and then draw the shape as an object that they could find in real life.  She found a triangle and drew a slide that she found in the park.  In this activity, I can see if my students can recognise shapes, define the shape and be able to apply their knowledge of where they can find this shape or whether they want to play it safe and find the same shape their another friend found. 


The children had to create their bakery order by counting the correct number of cooking and then adding it together.  I could see if children are able to do any mental math, can count on from the bigger number, understand which cookie has more or less and seeing which children were only able to count from 1.  This is why I love play based learning.  I can see a lot of their skills, and the concepts that they need help on, just from adding extensions and supporting them in their learning.  While they are playing, it really lessens the anxieties oh 'omg, I'm doing math, math is hard, I don't like math'.   

The children are playing a counting game up to 20.  They roll a dice, then land on the number and they have to read it.  During our second time around, I made this harder and added numicons to it where children had to build the number that they landed on.  

Here the children have to create the subtraction equation by adjusting the cars speeds.

The children have create the numbers from 1 to 29.  They hide some numbers and see if their friends can figure out which ones are hidden.  It's a very fun game for them.  They definitely enjoy it more than I thought they would. haha

During Literacy this week, we read a book about Spring.  The children made some potions using flowers and they had to write down which flowers they used in order to make their potion and explain how they made it.  The children loved mixing the glitter and no one made a water mess! It was a success!  They had such a great time doing this!  Thank you for the flower again Alice & Family! 

Happy Times!


Their concoction.  They were very meticulous with what they put in it and some had about 110 petals in it.

We also worked on our fine motor skills, by using scissors.

Look at that precision!


Ms.Merve also made playdoh with the children.  They were able to see the process from start to finish and understand how to measure and listen appropriate to instructions to follow along.  The children used their hands to mix the dough and understand what to do when their dough was too sticky.  I find that the children aren't use to getting dirty, but being a children and experiencing with our senses, that's what makes you well rounded and balanced.  Anytime we are stressed as a human being, we go back to our roots and get grounded with nature.  

This is where I got the recipe from.  This website also has great things for sensory play and etc.

We added rosemary, basil, thyme and parsley but the children thought it stunk in the end. haha!  Guess it's better when it's cooked.

We also tried to plant our own flowers and played with soil, seeds and pretended to water our growing plants.

We painted some live flowers.  They were absolutely gorgeous!  The children are natural artists.  I'm sure you saw some of their paintings that went home.  Most of them are at school, I wanted to hang them up around the classroom.



It was also Ms. Merve's birthday!  We celebrated her birthday by spelling it out in lego and making playdoh cakes! :D

During the afternoon, it is the children time to take the learning that they worked on in the morning and use it in their play in the afternoon.  I try to let the children lead as much as the learning as they can in the afternoon as they are the focus and drive of my weekly plans.

We made some bracelets and looked at different patterns. We learnt what happens when you don't tie one end of the string, and all the beads fall off.  We learnt to deal with the challenges of being disappointed and having to start again or just giving up because they were too upset and that's ok.  The children are learning to self regulate their feelings right now and sometimes when we are hurt by something, why would we put ourself through that misery again.  Seems silly.  Strength comes from understanding ourselves and knowing when we can achieve something, not making the same mistake twice and not learning from it.

We looked through a microscope and looked at different parts of a bug.  The benefits of merging schools!! :D

We made a parachute out of felt

We continued to make our own recipes out of flowers, water and glitter :D

It may look like the children are playing a lot but you can get a lot out of the children through play.  I'm a big advocate of play based curriculum.  I've spent my whole teaching career studying and implementing it.

Have a gorgeous golden week! Go out and play in the rain! It won't bite!

Week 5!

It has been such a busy week!  We have had parents morning and International Culture Festival. Thank you for everybody who came to support...